Corneal Disorders, therapy and transplantation

Ypapanti Eye Clinic is licensed by EOM (National Transplant Organization) and has a specialized corneal transplant and topography department staffed by highly trained and experienced doctors and scientific personnel, regularly updated on the latest developments in ophthalmology.

The cornea can easily suffer an injury or infection due to the fact that it is exposed. As a result, an injury or an infection is likely to cause problems with the cornea, such as blur, scars and disfigurement. Other major ailments of the cornea that are not due to external factors are keratoconus, peripapillary senile halo, keratoglobus and Fuchs endothelial dystrophy. The permanent opacity of the cornea can be treated only with corneal transplant surgery, replacing the ailing cornea (or part thereof) with a cornea from a human donor (graft). Note that today various corneal transplantation techniques are used depending on each case.

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